On Saturday, December 15th, Town will present:
A Nightmare Before Xmas with SHARON NEEDLES
Sharon will be performing during the drag show and music upstairs will be by dj SUMMER CAMP (aka Shea Van Horn in a fabulously slutty dress).  The doors will open at 10pm to the general public and the night will operate as it usually does.
In addition, WE ARE OFFERING YOU A CHANCE TO BUY TICKETS TO A PRIVATE MEET AND GREET COCKTAIL PARTY WITH SHARON NEEDLES.  This event will be from 9-10pm before the club opens to the general public and will allow you to meet Sharon, take pictures with her, have drinks, and potentially grab the best seats for the show. TICKETS ARE GOING FAST...OVER HALF OF THE AVAILABLE TICKETS HAVE ALREADY BEEN SOLD. Tickets are also available at the Town box office when the club is open on the weekends.
In order to make the meet and greet event a special, intimate affair, we are only selling a very limited number of these exclusive tickets, so get them before they are gone.  Tickets may be purchased by clicking here to go to GrooveTickets.com.  They are $50.   This is a very unique chance to meet Sharon Needles in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.  Sharon will not be doing a meet and greet after the show, so this would be the only opportunity to meet her and/or get a picture with her.
Again, the club will open at 10pm as usual to the general public so that everyone (up to capacity) can see the show (starting at 10:30) as usual (but most likely without the chance to have a seat as those would be occupied by the meet and greet ticket holders).  And, of course, space is limited in general to see the show some come early enough to get in.
Doors open for meet and greet ticket holders at 9pm
Doors open to the general public at 10pm
Show starts at 10:30pm
$12 cover
Music by Summer Camp upstairs
Music and video by Wess downstairs
21 and over
Note regarding the tickets: Seating is available on a first come basis...You are not assured of a seat with these tickets, but you are given the opportunity to enter the club before the public. No table reservations will be available for this event. Ticket holders will be allowed entry at any point of the night on Saturday, December 15th (from 9pm until 2:30am) but you cannot enter, leave, and return.  Meet and greet is from 9-10pm, showtime is 10:30 until approximately 11:30, club is open for dancing until approximately 3:30am.  You must be 21 or older to enter this event.