Trinity Taylor was unable to get to DC for her performance all over the south have been discombobulated since hurricane Harvey and that has impacted Trinity's ability to get here this weekend.
We will be open as usual with a full drag cast and dj Drew G upstairs.
If you purchased a ticket to the meet and greet event here are some things you should know:
1. You can use your ticket to go to Town tonight.
2. If you arrive between 9-10PM, you will be able to use your ticket to get in and to be able to therefore get a seat for the show.
3. If you arrive after 10pm, you can still use your ticket to get in, but you will not be guaranteed a seat.
4. You can then request a full refund for the ticket from, the site from which you purchased the ticket. In order for them to give you a refund, you need to follow the refund procedures which include the fact that you need to contact them within five days of the event date. BECAUSE THIS EVENT WAS JUST CANCELLED, AND FLAVORUS IS NOT IN THE OFFICE OVER THE WEEKEND, THEY WILL NOT KNOW OF THE CANCELLATION AND WILL NOT PROCESS REFUNDS UNTIL WHICH TIME AS THEY HAVE FULLY BECOME AWARE OF THE SITUATION. (The event date is September 2nd, so you must contact them before September 7th to ensure that you can receive your refund.)
5. Because the tickets were purchased through, you need to get your refund from them. Town will not be processing refunds. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are not satisfied with the manner in which Flavorus handles your refund request.
6. We are aggressively attempting to re-book Trinity for another date in the near future.
Thank you for understanding, and yea, this totally sucks.